Well, I have had the news which means I will now enjoy a worry-free Christmas!

You may remember my ranty blog after my first visit to the consultant back in October and how annoyed I was after the whole episode. It is therefore no surprise that I wasn’t looking forward to my appointment with her today. I even asked my partner not to come with me incase she was mean to be again or embarrassed me like last time.

Turns out, it actually went quite well. She seemed slightly nicer to me this time. Although by no means warm, she at least asked me how I was. She checked through my notes of my pregnancy so far and looked through my growth scan before asking me to get on the bed for another scan.

Part of me wonders if perhaps she thought the previous sonographer had got it wrong and she needed to have a double check herself! It did mean I got another peek at my little baby and its strong heartbeat bopping away on the screen which left me feeling guilty for asking Chris not to come but also so happy.

I was really confused when the consultant helped me, HELPED me, off the bed very nicely and sat me back down with an actual smile. I felt like something awful was about to happen; it was so unusual.

The consultant has decided that my baby and I are absolutely fine! NORMAL! No worries! She said she’d reviewed all of my notes and scans and was very happy that I am doing great and she has no concerns. Growth is normal, blood pressure is still perfect and baby is fine. She said she doesnt need to see me again. I can just continue with my normal midwife.

I felt like a teacher’s pet. Gold star for Snowie! It looks like my body is more than capable of making and growing a human. Fingers crossed the labour is just as fun right???!!


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