Obi meets Dolly

DISCLAIMER: If you don’t already think I’m mad this one may just do it!

I have stolen a doll from my ultra-cute niece. She was asleep at the time and I think I’ve got away with it. My older niece is not happy – she knows what I’m up to and has scolded me that her little sister will be very upset when she finds out. Oops.

There is good reason I have become a dollnapper though. I decided I should start preparing Obi, our Jackapoo, for the arrival of his new brother or sister.

I have been doing small things throughout my pregnancy such as wearing baby lotion to get him used to the smell and playing the noise of a newborn crying. Mainly just as he has been drifting off to sleep to make sure I get full jump-out-of-his-skin effect. It’s gone well.

So why the dollnapping? I thought if I put some baby lotion on the doll and started walking around with it like a baby, then he would get used to it.

More importantly, I wanted to see if there was anything I should be worried about. By seeing how Obi reacted to Dolly, (yes, I named her) I’d be able to spot any warning signs and fix them before real baby comes home.

I am so surprised by how good he is being. He was very curious at first but gave Dolly and I plenty of space. Even sitting at the foot of the bed when I lay Dolly down and pretended to change her. I know I’m mad – don’t give me that look! He waited patiently until I said he could get up, then went to the head of the bed out the way, waiting for me to invite him near. Which I did, slowly.

Then I decided to place the baby next to me on the sofa where Obi usually cuddles in – a real test for “his” space. It took him some time to suss out he was allowed to join us but in the end, slowly but surely, up he snuggled.


Obviously, there is lots more I am doing with him to check he is happy through this transition for us all, including making sure he has his own peaceful, safe, space where he can retreat to if it all gets too much but we are getting there.

I’ll do a full blog on some good dog training tips once I know they’ve worked!



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