Getting organised baby mamma style

This is the week I finally got my arse in to gear.

A four hour ikea trip later; the nursery is starting to come together. I am one of those annoying people who have organised everything in to age categories and cute wicker baskets! The featured image is a little preview of my favourite outfits so far.

The downside of getting organised is that I realised how much I needed to buy. We are so lucky that we have been given lots ot things already, especially all the big stuff like a cot, pushchair, wardobe, changing unit etc but I seemed to have forgotten all the little things; vests, bibs, muslins, bath stuff, nappy cream. The list seems endless.

So today, I dashed round Mothercare and near fainted it was so hot in there (what is that about?! surely they know 80% of their customers will be pregnant and sweating!) but I managed to get enough to stop my head spinning for now.

Snowie has had a very good Christmas by the way, spoilt rotten already. Check out the bear his nanny got him.


I didn’t think getting presents for the bump at Christmas was a thing, apparently, I was wrong. Thanks to everyone who spoilt us – thanks for being as excited as we are! 5 weeks to go…


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