Meeting The Hopkins

The secret is finally out. A few months ago, I was approached to appear on a TV documentary. I was naturally sceptical as they contacted me through this blog which is often just spam when not other lovely ladies. However, something made me reply to them and two days of phone calls, mental health evaluations and interviews later – I was booked.

To say I was dubious about doing it when I found out it was Katie Hopkins’ show is more than a little of an understatement. Although I watched her My Fat Story documentary last year and often read her articles,  and agreed with points, I certainly wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of her opinion. She is more than open about “hating fat people” and I couldn’t see how any good could come of me talking to her.

But something made me go through with it and I am so glad I did. Firstly because she turned up with a lovely bunch of flowers for me as she’d heard it was the day after my birthday – I know, was this really foul-mouthed Katie Hopkins?


As we sat in the back of a car waiting for the cameras to be set up (glam life of TV!) I annoyingly warmed to her. She was so open, interesting and dare I say it, witty, that we got on straight away.

Unfortunately for me, that continued on camera with even the director pulling me aside to tell me not to be scared to have a go at her if I didn’t agree with anything she said. I wasn’t just being polite, I told him, I do agree with her! I think this is why my whole morning filming was just 3 minutes of airtime. She just found my story and stats really interesting and kept telling me how smart and articulate I was – not great for the controversial Hopkins we see on TV. We even snuck off for a cheeky hot chocolate after filming!


Although it was great to meet her and really scary to go on a show that was watched by over 10 million people in America alone last year, I am a little disappointed. I really hope I got my point across that plus size pregnancy needn’t be the end of the World. Yes, I’d have loved to have lost 3 more stone by the time I fell pregnant but hey, that’s life – expect the unexpected and deal with it. My body wanted to be pregnant so it did. If it’s ready – so am I.

Don’t tell me how awful an experience I will have, don’t tell me everything will go wrong and definitely don’t tell me I am harming my baby. My baby is doing great. I am doing great. Even the witchy consultant has signed me off and back to midwife-led care because I am having a very healthy, normal pregnancy despite the odds they kept telling me.

I have had messages from people agreeing with me, asking questions and thanking me for showing them they aren’t alone. It’s not just plus sized pregnancies but all pregnancies – don’t make mums-to-be more anxious than they already are. Teach them to prepare and enjoy the experience like all mums should be able to, regardless of their circumstances.

So, thanks Katie Hopkins for opening the doors to more people who I can hopefully help! That’s all I ask, just one comment saying I have helped someone makes it all worthwhile. Even if I have to go through the shit so the next woman doesn’t have to. Be strong, know your rights and ask for normal!



2 thoughts on “Meeting The Hopkins

  1. Sarena says:

    Congratulations – how to keep calm and carry on! Speak your truth, be yourself, and lufe rolls in beautifully! Wishing you a relaxed and healthy minth , until sproglet appears! xx


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