Antenatal class – what to expect

As a first time mum, I really didn’t know what to expect from an antenatal class. Given my experience from consultants so far, I was expecting the usual scare stories and probably being picked out of the class for being high-risk. Perhaps being used as an example for being in a bad situation or something or getting funny looks from other mums-to-be. I was, as usual, wrong.

The class is now held in one long session rather than a course over a few weeks so going straight from work to a 3 hour lecture was not something a 36 week pregnant lady like myself was looking forward too. Especially when I walked in to the super hot room full of people with soon to have very sore necks as all the chairs where against the wall rather than facing the front. EEP!


Anyway, a lovely midwive who seemed slightly crazy which I loved her all the more for, introduced herself and began the class. I have to say, I expected the midwife to be very medical and tell us what we HAD to do at each stage of labour. Actually, she was the opposite and explained labour just as I wished them to be allowed to happen.

For example, her approach was very natural. She talked us through each stage of labour and what would happen / what to expect. I could see some people squirming but I found it so reassuring. The midwive was all for being natural and leaving the woman to have little interference. She even spoke about how it affects oxytoxin levels to interfer with the woman’s natural rhythm which I knew my friend Keisha over on The Boy Maker blog would like!

I learnt so much; from the magic disposable organ that is the placenta to the types of pain relief I can take and how amazing womens bodies really are. Did you know your nipples darken towards the end of pregnancy because babies love dark circles on pale backgrounds so the baby will start breast feeding. Did you know the distance a baby can see for the first few weeks is exactly from your nipple to your face? Or that womens body tempatures can heat up or cool down depending on what the baby needs? It’s crazy what we can do ladies!

Although she explained the types of risks and what could go wrong, the main way in which she described what will happen has given me hope. There is no real reason why I can’t have a very normal labour with little interference. I just need to make sure Snowie works with me on this one!



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