Plus size maternity wardrobe

The plus size maternity clothes drama is the most commented about problem on my blog. I’m hear to tell you that you really don’t need to worry. There are so many stores here in the UK that have a great maternity collection that we can all enjoy without relying on stretchy leggings.

I really don’t like the image above of me being surprised at my baby shower BUT I love my bump in it! I wore a very fitted green textured dress from asos as i refused to hide my size away. I was a size 24-26 at the start of my pregnancy and alongside a million and one other fears of being an obese pregnant woman, was the worry of what i’d wear through my pregnancy and first few months of motherhood. What if I can’t get clothes big enough? What do I do about nursing bras? Maternity briefs? Shoes when my feet swell?!

Well the good news is, when you get so big your feet swell, you wont give a crap what you’re wearing! I lived in flip flops and pumps towards the end of my pregnancy even though it was the winter.

One of the bonuses of being plus size and pregnant, is that your tummy wont show for a long time. I know it’ll be frustrating for you and you’ll be desperate to show off your bump but it does mean you’ll be ok in your current wardrobe for the first few months. Bear in mind before rushing out and buying clothes that you shouldn’t put any weight on, apart from your tummy. You may even lose weight during your pregnancy, I only put on 9lbs and my baby weighed almost ten so do those maths!

So, here’s some wardrobe staples you may need for your maternity wardrobe.

My most worn item throughout my whole pregnancy was the harem! They are perfect. Stretchy and comfortable without being boring. Yours Clothing have the best range without being a fortune. Buy yourself two pairs and they’ll quickly be your favourite too.


If harems aren’t your thing, these jeans are awesome. They are from Bon Prix and go up to a size 28. Well worth the money and great to chuck on with a t shirt.


Speaking of t shirts, New look’s Curves range has some great, cheap, t shirts that are awesome to chuck on. Their t shirts are always well-fitted so shouldn’t need to up size too much. I am loving this t shirt at the moment and it’s stretchy so it’ll grow with your bump! While you’re on the site check out their new maternity range, they go up to size 20 and have some real treats on there.

Swing dresses are perfect when you’re pregnant. They are floaty, cute, practical and comfortable. Plus you can dress them up with the right accessories. I love this t shirt dress from asos. It’ll be so comfortable when you just want to chuck something on – plus its not expensive. Double bonus! All of the asos curve range go up to size 30, are really great value and most of their clothes will make great maternity staples!image1xxl

Have you heard of bump bands? Mums tend to use them to hide their tummy when they are breast feeding BUT they are also great to wear during the last few months of pregnancy. You can still wear some of your current t shirts or trousers and just wear the bump underneath so you don’t show any tummy that you don’t want too. I also found the extra support really helped with lower back pain and that horrible feeling of your tummy being dragged down. The band pulls you in a little so was perfect for the last few months. I bought mine from amazon. Id recommend getting your current size, you don’t to size up on these.


So, the big question – what about underwear? I’m not going to lie, finding plus size nursing bras is a bit of a nightmare. Figleaves have a nice range, although they are on the pricey side. In the end, I just normal bras from the brilliant range at Yours Clothing. Don’t forget, you’re advised not to wear underwired bras during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. While you’re on the site, be sure to check out their full maternity range. It’s fab!

Don’t panic about what to wear in labour either. I bought this amazing t shirt in the biggest size and it was perfect.


If you’re worried about knickers by the way, I know they keep talking about maternity briefs on your checklist, just buy a couple of sizes bigger and you’ll be fine! I just grabbed these in evans and they were fine!

Just remember, you don’t need much. A few tops, a pair of trousers and a nice dress will get you through. You can buy as much or as little as you like, just don’t feel you need to hide. Grab those bright, patterned harems and fitted t shirts and flaunt your beautiful body in style! Asda, Simply Be and Matalan also all have nice maternity ranges to browse through.

If you’ve got some more top tips for the plus size pregnancy wardrobe, leave a comment and let us know!


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