About Me

If you have read my blog Fat Bridesmaid Be Gone then you may already be familiar with me and my journey.

If not, well hello to you. My name is Ange and I’ve had a struggle with my weight ever since starting university and leaving my sports day’s behind. So I decided to start a blog to force myself to accept my body and do something about it. It was working. I went down three dress sizes and gained in confidence from all the positive, inspiring messages I recieved.

I mainly wanted to write the blog to keep me focused on recording my journey, like a very honest food diary. However, I found myself becoming frustated at some of the “plus size” bloggers and documentaries I started to see on TV and hear in the news.

They seemed so negative or bloggers were saying they just loved how fat they are and I just couldn’t relate to them at all. I wasn’t here to say: “Look at my jelly belly and massive arse aren’t they great?” I just wanted to say yes, I’m not an average size, yes I’d like to be and I’ll work towards it but I’m still a person and dont judge me by my dress size.

Not all of them are like that I have to say. I found great inspiration and follow some amazing bloggers such as Fuller Figure Fuller Bust and Callie Thorpe who are pushing the message for a healthy, happy lifestyle while looking amazing! Their pictures and outfits are to die for. Also,  no mentions of the dreaded diet word or body shaming in sight. Just good old fashioned exercise and eating right while looking and feeling fantastic.

I was really doing great and enjoyed finding a new wardrobe and confidence to go with it but then I stopped blogging and people wondered why. Well it’s because…

I fell pregnant.

Now im bricking it.

A quick google search of obese and pregnant will give you a million hits of horror stories. I was full of anxiety and yet again found myself in a dark, scared place when I should have been full of joy and excitement (apart from the all-day sickness of course!).

So, once again I turned to blogging. In the hope of dispelling some fears and having a healthy, happy pregnancy despite my BMI and still eating sensibly and exercising throughout.

Hoping to break the taboo and deliver a happy, healthy baby in February 2016 and continue my getting healthy journey.

Please feel free to share your pregnancy or plus sized stories and I’ll happily post them on the page!



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