Obi meets Dolly

DISCLAIMER: If you don’t already think I’m mad this one may just do it!

I have stolen a doll from my ultra-cute niece. She was asleep at the time and I think I’ve got away with it. My older niece is not happy – she knows what I’m up to and has scolded me that her little sister will be very upset when she finds out. Oops.

There is good reason I have become a dollnapper though. I decided I should start preparing Obi, our Jackapoo, for the arrival of his new brother or sister.

I have been doing small things throughout my pregnancy such as wearing baby lotion to get him used to the smell and playing the noise of a newborn crying. Mainly just as he has been drifting off to sleep to make sure I get full jump-out-of-his-skin effect. It’s gone well.

So why the dollnapping? I thought if I put some baby lotion on the doll and started walking around with it like a baby, then he would get used to it.

More importantly, I wanted to see if there was anything I should be worried about. By seeing how Obi reacted to Dolly, (yes, I named her) I’d be able to spot any warning signs and fix them before real baby comes home.

I am so surprised by how good he is being. He was very curious at first but gave Dolly and I plenty of space. Even sitting at the foot of the bed when I lay Dolly down and pretended to change her. I know I’m mad – don’t give me that look! He waited patiently until I said he could get up, then went to the head of the bed out the way, waiting for me to invite him near. Which I did, slowly.

Then I decided to place the baby next to me on the sofa where Obi usually cuddles in – a real test for “his” space. It took him some time to suss out he was allowed to join us but in the end, slowly but surely, up he snuggled.


Obviously, there is lots more I am doing with him to check he is happy through this transition for us all, including making sure he has his own peaceful, safe, space where he can retreat to if it all gets too much but we are getting there.

I’ll do a full blog on some good dog training tips once I know they’ve worked!


10 joys of being pregnant at Christmas

A few people have mentioned how pants it is to be pregnant during the festive break. Well, I am loving it and here’s a few reasons why:

  • As this is my first baby, I don’t have any other children running around my house so I can truly make the most of cuddling up on the sofa with the Christmas shows, taking naps and generally being rather self-indulgent – all guilt-free.
  • Speaking of naps, I can sleep, sleep, sleep! It’s not been much fun between heartburn and constant toilet breaks in the night but now I can catch up on sleep whenever I want over the festivites.
  • I have the perfect excuse to get out of all those Christmas events you never really want to go to. Office parties, family gatherings at your second cousin twice-removed’s flat and even your Aunties amdram panto – I can make the most of not attending this year.
  • No one is expecting me to clean up. Woo hoo! More sofa time.
  • Getting out of jobs in general is quite handy. “Oh I can’t possibly lick the envelopes for the Christmas cards dear. It’s making the baby / me feel sick. Plus you know I have terrible baby brain so would get all the names wrong.”
  • There is no judgement whatsoever in reaching for seconds (thirds) in fact, it is positively encouraged!
  • I am never cold. Everyone around me is starting to feel the chill and I have a permanent hot water bottle so nothing is getting me all Jack Frosty.
  • Everyone loves the designated driver. No nasty hangovers for me this year. I get to drive all the drunks around saving them a fortune on taxis and valuable drinking time and in return they treat me like their favourite person in the World – win win.
  • I get to do all my baby shopping in the January sales. I have lots left to buy and I am hoping the baby doesn’t come early because during the second and third week of January everything is always so cheap – hang on in there Snowie.
  • Last but not least – I get to really enjoy this Christmas with my man. I am so aware that this is our last Christmas just him and I so I want to make it super special with lots of time at home this year. Not rushing around to lots of peoples’ houses and spending all our time in the car. The only time we’ll leave the house this Christmas Day will be to see my little nieces all excited with their presents and a nice walk with Obi on our local beach – just the three of us for the last time.

Hope you have a great Christmas and here’s to a very adventurous 2016!


Well, I have had the news which means I will now enjoy a worry-free Christmas!

You may remember my ranty blog after my first visit to the consultant back in October and how annoyed I was after the whole episode. It is therefore no surprise that I wasn’t looking forward to my appointment with her today. I even asked my partner not to come with me incase she was mean to be again or embarrassed me like last time.

Turns out, it actually went quite well. She seemed slightly nicer to me this time. Although by no means warm, she at least asked me how I was. She checked through my notes of my pregnancy so far and looked through my growth scan before asking me to get on the bed for another scan.

Part of me wonders if perhaps she thought the previous sonographer had got it wrong and she needed to have a double check herself! It did mean I got another peek at my little baby and its strong heartbeat bopping away on the screen which left me feeling guilty for asking Chris not to come but also so happy.

I was really confused when the consultant helped me, HELPED me, off the bed very nicely and sat me back down with an actual smile. I felt like something awful was about to happen; it was so unusual.

The consultant has decided that my baby and I are absolutely fine! NORMAL! No worries! She said she’d reviewed all of my notes and scans and was very happy that I am doing great and she has no concerns. Growth is normal, blood pressure is still perfect and baby is fine. She said she doesnt need to see me again. I can just continue with my normal midwife.

I felt like a teacher’s pet. Gold star for Snowie! It looks like my body is more than capable of making and growing a human. Fingers crossed the labour is just as fun right???!!

Back of the net Snowie!

On Monday, I had my growth scan to determine how the baby is doing. I was worried that the baby would be too big; thanks to all the times I’ve been reminded that bigger ladies have bigger babies but I was also worried about the placenta.

I know that probably sounds totally random but my placenta is anterior which means it is over the front wall of the uterus giving me an extra cushion for those baby kicks. Although it doesnt cause any problems, I have had this nagging feeling something may be wrong with it because i keep waking up on my tummy even though it really hurts! I was worried I may have torn it or something.

Anyway, as usual, no need to worry. The baby’s head spookily measured the exact amount of weeks and days pregnant I am! The legs and tummy were also completely within normal range. Placenta all good and they checked theĀ amniotic fluid levels which are also all normal. I am so proud of Snowie my basketball-hooped size baby!!



Forget the Jihadis, watch out for the bellies

Days like today remind me of exactly why I started this blog.

If you are obese and pregnant – DO NOT PANIC. Yes, you have a higher-risk pregnancy than someone who is a smaller weight but that DOES NOT mean you will have an awful time.

In fact, your pregnancy could be absolutely fine. I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and have enjoyed a lovely pregnancy so far. Well, as lovely as being fat and pregnant can be!

Articles like this warn you not to get pregnant because you are likely to have a miscarriage, get gestational diabetes, have high blood pressure and anything else you can think of. You also may not. In fact, with 1 in 3 women overweight at the start of their pregnancy now, I have a feeling these “risks” also need to be re-assessed. Please do not fill yourself with more worry or anxiety than is natural for a pregnant woman of ANY size.


Everytime someone has given me a test to check for these risks, I have made myself sick with worry and then found out I have sailed through each one. No problems at all. In fact, the only thing that could have caused a problem is reading and believing these articles in the first place.

Also, yet again, this article relates to a study of women who put on too much weight during pregnancy and not those who are overweight to start with. Your body is your body and will tell you what it needs to be healthy. Not some Dame with a Daily Mail column.

Big women are not terrorists. Obsesity is not the biggest killer of women.

In fact, the biggest killer in the UK is alzheimer’s and dementia so why does this woman not concentrate on that and stop worrying about what her mates weigh? As the first female Chief Medical Officer, I really would have expected more from her than comparing fat women to terrorists. Clearly, she is not an exception to the rule. You can be.



Snuggly as a puppy would be great!

I know that mums reading this blog will laugh and say “Tired? HAH! I’ll show you tired…” but right now I am shattered!

The last few weeks I have been able to sleep through the night not really noticing Snowie kicking and moving but this week it all changed.

Wednesday evening I got a little paranoid that I hadn’t felt Snowie very often but I put it down to the reduced movements now there isn’t much room left in the old uterus and also being out and about all evening.

However, when I managed to sleep for a whole five hours straight, I got worried. I then did all the usual to try and wake the sleepy monkey up, hot drinks, sweet food, moving about and laying on my left side. Nothing worked. Until I really panicked and started to look for my midwife’s number, THEN it decided to wake up at 9.30am. Turns out it was just being lazy because it has sure made up for it since.

The party animal woke me up at 3am last night having the biggest party in my belly which went on until around 5am. I would be annoyed if I wasn’t slightly proud. It’s been years since I could party that late.

I think the baby was getting back at me for calling it a ninja baby earlier this week – a lesson to remind me how much I need those little kicks. Not feeling them for a couple of hours really scared me. All sorts of horror stories ran through my mind and I begged for a big kick in the ribs I had moaned about the day before. Sorry Snowie, if you could just let me practise sleeping for a little bit this weekend before finding other ways to remind me how grateful I am for you that’d be great. Thank you bye.

Ninja baby

Turns out I am having a kickboxing ninja for a child. 32 weeks today and I have reached the kicking in the ribs stage.

My lovely friend told me last night that I would miss this feeling when the baby is born. I’m sorry WHAT NOW! I can’t imagine a time when being a mum is so bad I would miss being kicked in my internal organs. Perhaps it will be the only time I remember my house being quiet?

It’s not my favourite feeling of the pregnancy, if there is such a thing, although I am one of those pregnant people who doesn’t enjoy feeling the kicks much. In fact, it scares me a little, mainly thanks to the Alien trilogy.


If I thought I felt uncomfortable before, this is a new level of fun. I can’t remember the last time I felt comfortable. Sitting or standing both aren’t exactly relaxing and I am up and down like a yoyo.

I can only describe it as the feeling you get the day after a good workout. You know – the one where you can’t even walk because your legs hurt? It’s kind of like that but at the bottom of my tummy. Ouch. I’m searching for a heated swimming pool I can go float about in so all suggestions welcome!

My app has another update on the size of the baby for you today and I thought you may enjoy it as much as last week…armadilo